Grant Gerrits

A trusted, reliable and confident business partnership is one that is financially grounded. Grant brings sound commercial acumen to Boxlee’s operations. His extensive corrugated industry experience means he has a sharp eye for financial modelling and systems that keep Boxlee at the competitive forefront of the market.


Justin Mcleod

Through his years of broad industry experience, Justin has an acutely developed and intuitive understanding of customer needs and expectations. By identifying and growing key talent, he has also reaped the benefits of establishing trusted levels of service, both administratively and operationally. Justin’s in-depth knowledge applies exacting, value-driven solutions.

Desiree James

A competitive, can-do operator, Desiree’s sales expertise goes beyond the right product at the right price. Veteran industry exposure puts her team in the unique position to accommodate and manage the customer’s experience through every logistical contingency. Boxlee’s customer service delivers.

Ryan Swan

General Manager overseeing operations and service delivery, Ryan is a quintessential “skin in the game” player. Incisively solutions driven, Ryan’s breadth of experience comes with a wealth of product knowledge. An astute, strategic approach continually seeks to innovate, achieving ever tighter cost efficiencies for the customer.